Don Maroney, Livermore

“Don’t listen what people say watch what they do,” is an old adage applicable to the contentious downtown development project.

Unless the good citizens of Livermore express their concerns now, it will be too late.

We were told a win-win solution, balancing affordable housing with the aesthetics of a beautiful city center park and amenities, could be attained. But now, the latest Eden Housing plans call for an increase of 42% of housing space, thereby diminishing the open space.

This is not just a rounding error and cannot be shoved off as a minor change. The revised plan is fundamentally different and must be halted.

Immediate action must be taken by the citizens of this city to voice support to move the affordable housing to the off-site option that has been articulated in the so-called ‘win-win’ solution. Extensions on the use of the $14 million county funds can be attained, or more importantly, a revised plan can be submitted, moving the housing off site and return to the 2018 plan before the 2022 deadline.

If this revised plan is implemented, the downtown will be altered forever with a misrepresented 42% mistake. Wake up Livermore, and let the mayor and city council know that a win-win solution is still achievable, and this is what the residents want to happen.