Johnna Thompson, Livermore

I am at a loss to understand the mindset of Livermore City Council members. Do they truly, in their heart of hearts, believe that massive housing blocks will enhance Livermore's downtown? Is that really their vision of an attractive and welcoming city center? If so, then their lack of interest in even contemplating any alternative is understandable. They must just be people with stunted imaginations whose idea of a beautiful city differs from mine, and from that of perhaps a majority of Livermore's residents. I have yet to talk to anyone who is not appalled by the massive housing blocks rising above L Street on the west, and the prospect of equally massive housing blocks on the east side of the street, should the Eden Housing project come to fruition there, as is the current city plan.

Before November's election, mayoral candidate Bob Woerner generated a lot of goodwill for his win-win proposal to move the Eden Housing project off of the central downtown site and develop a park there instead. There were cheers all around, and Mr. Woerner was elected mayor, at least in part because of his win-win proposal. Since then, however, not only has Mr. Woerner done nothing to advance the win-win alternative, he has been snarkily dismissive of anyone who has the temerity to bring it up. He has said, without evidence, that only a small group of people favor this alternative. I believe he is quite wrong about that, and that he and the rest of the council will find that out to their cost, should they go forward with the current plans.

The real losers, though, will be all of us, as the character of our downtown is destroyed by a council unwilling to envision or work toward a better plan.