John Lawrence, Livermore

We are most fortunate to have the Tri-Valley Conservancy as an active part of our community. 

TVC is continually in the forefront and acting proactive to accomplish their open space mission and goals.  Over the years, TVC has shown that there is a lot more to conservation than simply placing easements over undeveloped land.

When development does occur, the involvement of an agency like TVC can help mitigate and minimize negative impacts on our threatened open spaces, wildlife, and environment.

Getting involved at the beginning of a potential development project seems to be a very strategic and wise decision.  I applaud TVC for not standing on the sidelines and just hoping the massive Aramis solar project wouldn’t happen, or assuming if it did, the impacts on our wildlife and environment would be insignificant.  TVC has repeatedly demonstrated what a valuable community asset the organization is and as such, the Board of Directors and staff certainly deserve our support.