Last week, 12 of 14 applicants who filed for an appointment to fill the vacant seat open on our Zone 7 Water Board, offered their personal 3-minute speeches on why the Board might choose them from among their peers.

All of us candidates seemed to meet at least the minimum level of water issue awareness facing the Zone 7 service area. The Board chose to emphasize expanding the urbanite’s interest of the City of Dublin, over those two of us emphasizing agricultural interests. “Let Dublin have its first time ever political voice on this Zone 7 Board” was the lobby mantra offered by Dublin politicians for their candidate. The fix was in.

The best presentation actually came from the composed and thoughtful agriculturalist, Niki Wente. Yet even she was pretty much ignored by the Board, with barely token acknowledgment.

But the seat of water politics is the State, not Zone 7. The State in turn is promulgating the new and unnecessary Agenda 21, a false-science thesis of water scarcity, pushing its most recent plan to limit all urban households to 55-gallons per day per person. Try meeting that consumption level in your home.

California needs to greatly expand its water reserves, a significant portion of which can be achieved through expanding some of our existing reservoirs and through developing a stronger liaison with our State Senate and Assembly representatives who, like almost all the rest of us, are controlled under the false-science Deep State promulgated Agenda 21-Age-of-Scarcity manufactured thesis of perpetual, anthroprogenic climate change crisis.

Appointing an urbanite to the Zone 7 Board, as perfect a choice as Dublin wanted, isn’t likely going to help provide for agriculture’s needs. New strategies need to be developed, starting with speaking truth to power.