This is a club nobody wants to join: Families and friends who have lost someone to gun violence.

Every day in America, over 100 people are killed and hundreds more are wounded, threatened with or witness gun violence. “Moms Demand Action” offered support to those who had lost a loved one or a close friend to gun violence on Jan. 28 at Lynnewood United Methodist Church in Pleasanton.

The meeting also recognized the Second Annual National Gun Violence Survivors Week, Feb. 1-8. They discussed further measures that could be taken to decrease the rising number of gun related incidents in the U.S.

“The Survivors Week timing was chosen because in early February, America’s gun deaths are already 10 times greater than any other peer country in an entire calendar year,” said one woman, Janie. (The Independent is identifying attendees using only their first names, to protect their privacy.)

Moms Demand Action is non-partisan and formed to bridge the divide between people on both sides of the gun controversy, said one woman named Kyle. “We are about gun safety and developing ways to help parents and other adults protect children from gun deaths and injuries. Two-thirds of gun deaths of those under 21 are from suicide,” he said. “That person is also a victim of gun violence.”

The number of gun injuries and fatalities can be reduced with gun safety training, while still respecting the Constitution’s Second Amendment, Ann said. “Secure all guns in your home and vehicles; store guns unloaded and separate from ammunition; model responsible behavior around guns; ask about the presence of unsecured guns in others’ homes, and recognize the risks of teen suicide,” she stated.

Moms Demand Action is part of an advocacy organization working towards common sense gun laws and education concerning gun safety and storage. For more information, visit