ValleyCare Charitable Foundation (VCCF) members and donors received an update from VCCF and Stanford Health Care–ValleyCare (SHC–VC) during their recent Annual Meeting. The event, held at LifeStyleRx in Livermore, brought together VCCF members, donors, sponsors, Board members, physicians, and Hospital Administration to celebrate the work being done by all to provide world-class care to the Tri-Valley community, close to home.

Guests were provided a review of Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019), and a look to the future. The evening included updates from the VCCF Board of Trustees Chair Bob Shapiro, and VCCF Executive Director Shaké Sulikyan, as well as the announcement that Gina Teeples and Joe Carlucci were re-elected to the VCCF Board of Trustees for their third and final three-year terms.

The highlights of the meeting were a presentation by Rick Shumway, Stanford Health Care–ValleyCare’s CEO and President; an update on the SHC–VC Stroke Program by Dr. Prashanth Krishnamohan and Sulikyan; and recognition of the President’s Society Corporate Partners.

Shumway has been on the job for a little over two months. During the meeting, he made observations about the state of health care, and SHC–VC’s position to impact the community.

“There is no doubt that the healthcare environment is dynamic, changing, challenging, and sometimes quite uncertain,” Shumway said. “In my opinion, we are uniquely positioned to move into a new era of healthcare delivery and become the finest community-based, academically-affiliated health system in the nation. While this upcoming journey will certainly require hard work, commitment, flexibility, change, and innovative thinking, I am highly encouraged that we truly have all the parts in place that we need to be successful. Our community deserves this, and I’m excited about what Stanford Health Care–ValleyCare can offer.”

Shumway noted that SHC–VC is an important part of, and backed by, a world-class academic health system. The continued integration with Stanford Health Care and Stanford Medicine provides distinct advantages to our community. Since the affiliation in 2015, there have been many efforts and investments made in the people, facilities, and programs at SHC–VC. Stanford is committed to continuing those investments and will be working with Shumway and SHC–VC leadership to develop a strategic and operational plan that will include items such as an overarching clinical program growth and development strategy in order to achieve superior outcomes for patients in quality, cost and experience.

In partnership with Stanford, SHC–VC is developing programs in the Tri-Valley, including a state-of-the-art stroke program, colorectal surgery program, advanced endocrine surgery program, an orthopedic surgery clinic, and a pain management program. Stanford Clinical Professors and spine surgeons Dr. Michael Tseng and Dr. John Kleimeyer will be joining the medical staff to provide the growing Tri-Valley area with comprehensive care and treatment for a range of spine injuries and conditions.

Also at the top of Shumway’s observations was the community’s investment and pride in their local hospital, SHC–VC. He was amazed to learn that the community went door-to-door over 60 years ago to raise funds to build the original hospital. He has come to appreciate that the community continues to support the hospital today through VCCF.

“In a changing healthcare landscape, with ever-shrinking reimbursement rates from government payers (such as Medicare and Medical) and insurance companies, and rising costs for delivering care, healthcare organizations are more reliant than ever on private donations in funding state-of-the-art technology and services in order to meet the needs of their communities and patients,” Sulikyan said. “Our hospital is no exception. That’s what makes contributions from the community and sponsors so vital to the health of our community. We are incredibly thankful to our donors, sponsors and volunteers for their selfless commitment to our local hospital. We couldn’t do it without them!”

In the summer of 2018, VCCF set out on a mission to raise $1 million to fund the launch of a stroke program at SHC–VC.

“Thanks to the generous outright gift and matching funds from Joan and Lynn Seppala, we were able to raise over $650,000 in less than six months, an unprecedented amount,” says Sulikyan.

During the Annual Meeting, Sulikyan and Krishnamohan, Medical Director of Neurology and Stroke Program, Stanford Health Care–ValleyCare, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurological Sciences, Stanford University, provided an update about the fundraising campaign and the work that has been accomplished thus far in creating a robust stroke program at the hospital.

“Thanks to the generous support from VCCF and the community, we have accomplished a great deal in the past year,” said Krishnamohan. “The funds raised are already dramatically improving outcomes for stroke patients in your community.”

Donations helped fund new cutting-edge technology, institute new protocols, train SHC–VC staff, and hire new staff.