On Sunday, June 21, San Ramon Valley Fire, Cal Fire and Alameda County Fire responded to a grass fire on Highland Road by Manning Road at the Alameda/Contra Costa county line. Fires have been breaking out due to warm weather and dry conditions. Joe Testa, Deputy Chief of the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, reported 57 fires in June alone, 30 of which were vegetation fires. He offers this advice:

Make sure that charcoal/cooking fires are completely extinguished.

Conduct and yard and property work in dry grasses early in the day on days where there is not extreme fire weather. Have a water source on-site to extinguish small fires.

Do not use any fireworks in Livermore or Pleasanton.

Ensure mechanical equipment is in good working order and for small gas tools that they have a working spark arrestor.

Do not discard burning materials (cigarettes, etc.) outside.

Should you have a vehicle fire, if you are safely able to, pull off the road and out of traffic, but not into the grass.

Make sure that kids know the importance of practicing fire safety and don’t play with items that can start fires.