On Thurs., Dec. 6, Alameda County Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis certified the County’s results for the November 6th General Election. The certified results sent to the California Secretary of State’s Office show that 587,501 of Alameda County’s 879,912 registered voters cast ballots in the election, bringing the County’s overall voter turnout to 66.8 percent. That is more than 20 percent higher than the turnout recorded in Alameda County for the last mid-term election in 2014.

The Vote-by-Mail option continues to grow in popularity in Alameda County, with 428,001 voters–or 73 percent of the total turnout– choosing to mail in their ballots.

Only 27 percent of participating voters chose to cast their ballots at one of the 815 designated Election Day polling places in Alameda County. Alameda County hired and trained about 5,000 temporary workers to work at polling places on Election Day.

See Alameda County’s Final Election Results at www.acgov.org.