LOGO - Alameda County Seal

Alameda County residents now have the highest county sales tax rates in the state.

Effective July 1, Livermore, Dublin, Sunol and Pleasanton tax rates will raise to 10.25%. Six other Alameda County cities, including Alameda, Albany, Hayward, Union City, Newark and San Leandro, saw their rates rise to 10.75%.

The 1% increase is the result of the passage of 2020’s Measure C and Measure W.

Measure C funds pediatric health care, child care, preschool and early education programs. The 0.5% increase passed with 64.35% of the vote. Measure W, also raised rates 0.5% and passed with 50.09% of the vote and funds essential county and social services.

The Alameda County Taxpayers’ Association is challenging the tax hike on multiple grounds, including charges the taxes were required to pass with a two-thirds supermajority. However, previous court rulings have upheld the simple majority for passage, so their success is unlikely. Until a decision is made the collected funds will sit in an escrow account where they cannot be spent.

Regardless, shoppers are feeling the sting at the checkout.

“I wasn’t really paying attention to the new rate, but I am seeing it now,” said Dublin resident May Davis, who purchased a new laptop computer over the weekend. “Over $100 in sales tax on this (computer)? That is crazy.”