Asa Strout

Asa Strout has announced his candidacy for the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) Board in the upcoming Nov. 3 election.

As a community advocate, Livermore native and father, Asa Strout spent years giving back to the community. Through his advocacy, he pushed for local policies that have had a direct impact on Livermore’s vibrancy, increased voter engagement and enabled open dialogue on important issues in Livermore.

Strout is endorsed by the Livermore Education Association (LEA), which represents over 700 educators within the school district.

“Asa Strout’s ability to organize within the Livermore community, his positions on equity and diversity, and his particular goals as a school board member made him stand out as an electable candidate,” the Association is cited saying.

As a member of the LVJUSD Board, Strout said he will be committed to bringing forth more communication and collaboration between the community and the Board. If elected, Strout’s priorities will focus on safety for all, improved equity, increased collaboration and transparency, and bringing his technology background to the school board.

"I am passionate about the community of Livermore and making it a better place for the next generation,” said Strout. “I believe my experience as a community advocate, combined with my expertise in large technology projects, puts me in a unique position to help schools with the challenges they are facing today.”

Strout is also endorsed by current and past city councilmembers and prominent community figures, like Livermore Councilmember Bob Woerner, who is running for mayor.

“I have partnered with Asa over the years and have seen his commitment to Livermore,” Woerner said. “He has been instrumental in helping our community progress. I know, if elected, he will help foster a strong and productive relationship between the Livermore school board and the city council.”

A longtime Livermore advocate, Strout was most recently involved as a co-chair of the Yes on P campaign and is the current CEO of Unify Livermore, a community advocacy group dedicated to improving communication on political issues with Livermore residents. His work within the community has led to plans for increased workforce housing, continued downtown development and increased collaboration between the community and city government. Strout seeks to bring his passion for the community of Livermore to bring safety, equity, increased community engagement and progress to the school board.

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