Last Friday, a representative of a company vetting Livermore City Council candidate Brent Siler shared with The Independent Siler’s Facebook postings. The postings led this newspaper to question Siler about their content.

Several of them focused on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and his views of it.

Asked to comment on the information provided to The Independent, Siler responded that people are trying "to pick certain segments of something I said to use against me and paint a picture that I am racist or some other narrative they want to tell people."

"I am sure they are digging through everything I have posted since 2009."

Siler said, "This post was after a lot of videos surfaced online about people who were taunting police officers with comments like, 'what crime am I suspected of' or claiming sovereign citizen status after being pulled over for a traffic violation. Would not allow a officer to finish his duties and they were arrested for different reasons and it was being aired all over national news."

Siler gave The Independent the following December 4, 2014 Facebook posting: “OK I just can hold back anymore. If you do not like what I say then De-Friend me, I really do not care. I am sick of all these protest for Police this and Police that. Shut the F$*K up already. FOX, CNN, MSNBC turn the crap off and stop airing it.

“Everyone is feeling that they are entitled to know something, sorry, shut your pie hole for 5 minutes and let the officer talk, maybe he will tell you.

“If you can't do the time, don't do the crime - no matter how small it seem to be in your eyes. When the officer comes up to you simply put your hands behind your back, shut your mouth and walk to the back of his/her car and sit down. Is that too much to ask? If you are falsely imprisoned then sue the crap out of the City. If you are abused, sue the crap out of the City. Get Chocked out, sue the crap out of the City.

“Clean the gene pool or teach humility, honor and respect. Either one will be fine by me. Otherwise take your sorry self to some other county (sic) that do not share the same freedoms we have and do what you do here, see how long you will last.”

In regard to a July 11, 2016 post, Siler stated that his comments took place at a time when the BLM focus was shutting down highways, freeway ramps, riots etc. across the US to protest different issues concerning police interaction. He sent the full posting, which reads, ”#blacklivesmatter. Do me a favor, pick a national day of protest, schedule it and then inform everyone when it will take place so the rest of us can stay home and BBQ and talk about how #alllivesmatter.

“When the black community first shows concern for black-on-black MURDER taking place daily, then feel free to protest when and where you want.

“Don't get me wrong, any life taken by a policeman who is biased, untrained, or otherwise not qualified to be in uniform should be held accountable if the act is unjust.”

Several of his other postings aimed to provide information about slavery.

“The first official slave owner in colonial America was a black man, not white; the Arab slave trade in Negroes was far greater and much longer lasting than the transatlantic slave trade; the founder of the southern state of Georgia banned both slavery and Africans from the state; large numbers of 'free blacks' owned black slaves; and less than 5 percent of pre-Civil War American families actually had slaves.

“These are some of the facts about slavery in America which are deliberately hidden from establishment histories of slavery in America, which are all designed to blame white Americans for 'racism' and 'slavery' and induce a completely false sense of guilt among whites.”

Siler said others that may pop up that he posted in 2015/2016 are: "OK I just don't get it. You don't have to drop a house on my head to have me understand Hillary is a liar, crook and only into getting the POTUS position for herself and not for what she will do for America. I am not a Trump fan as well but to hear women say they are voting for her just because she is a woman, really are you simply that shallow.”

David Rounds, Chairman of Friends of Livermore Committee 2018, issued the following statement: “The Friends of Livermore Committee 2018 had endorsed Rosmary Bartsch and Brent Siler for City Council. We have rescinded our endorsement of Brent Siler. We do continue to support Rosmary Bartsch for Council and encourage people to consider her for this important role with the City of Livermore."