National Charity League

The Livermore Chapter of the National Charity League (NCL) is honoring its first graduating high school seniors to have completed the full six-year program of the mother-daughter service organization.

The NCL offers a six-year program for mothers and their daughters from seventh grade through high school that emphasizes leadership development, community service, and cultural experiences.

The Livermore Chapter was founded in 2015 and over the last six years the inaugural class of mothers and daughters has contributed more almost 1,700 hours of volunteer service to 30 local charities.

The 2021 Livermore Chapter NCL graduates include Corinna Bartolotto, Grace Boyd, Audrey Fenner, Shae Hill, Hillary Huff, Cassandra Matchett, Bella Murphy, Emily Silva, Katie Stromgren, Mina Thompson, Lydia Vance, and Camille Wigginton.