All five Tri-Valley city councils voted unanimously in favor of a resolution supporting the Tri-Valley Cities Housing and Policy Framework.

Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and San Ramon have collaborated on a housing and policy framework to address the statewide housing crisis. The resolution is the first step in a collective effort for the cities to work together to provide feedback on regional solutions to the housing crisis and respond to the nearly 100 newly proposed housing bills being developed by State legislators this year.

This framework provides solutions in areas of shared perspective and builds consensus and advocacy that will strengthen the voice of the Tri-Valley, while still recognizing each community’s individual perspective on how to best meet the needs of its local residents and business communities.

The cities have already begun working together to identify and track the housing related legislation that will impact the region. The Tri-Valley Cities’ shared objective is to find a balanced approach that considers housing, transportation/transit, and jobs, as well as ensure resources and infrastructure are in place to support the solutions, articulated through a series of five key themes:

• Balanced Solutions – considering housing, jobs and transportation equally.

• Promoting, Preserving, and Protecting Affordability – securing long-term affordable housing production, and protecting local housing stocks.

• Context-Sensitive Housing – developing locally appropriate solutions that fit neighborhoods, avoiding a “one-size fits all” approach.

• Infrastructure and Services – ensuring housing mandates are accompanied by adequate funding for critical supporting infrastructure.

• Funding and Resources – preserving local revenues and avoiding unfunded mandates.

A full copy of the Tri-Valley Cities Housing and Policy Framework and FAQ’s can be found: