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DUBLIN — The City of Dublin is set to hold the first of three virtual community meetings to discuss land-use options for the former At Dublin proposal site near Tassajara Road and Brannigan Street.

The public forum, scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 25, at 7 p.m., will address alternatives for the 76.9-acre site — East Dublin’s largest remaining undeveloped property.

“The goal of the outreach process is to identify viable land uses and development options for the property,” said Amy Million, principal planner for the City of Dublin. “We are hoping to draw more attention to it through the community meeting outreach process.

SCS Property currently owns the land bounded by Tassajara Road, Interstate 580, Brannigan Street and Gleason Drive. Various iterations of development plans for the area have been rejected three times over the years. The latest, the At Dublin project, was rejected by the council in August 2020.

The At Dublin plan originally called for 566 residential units and 240,000 square feet of commercial space. The project was planned to include apartments, detached small-lot single-family homes, senior housing, retail development and other infrastructure and landscape improvements. A lack of traffic impact considerations from the developer — specifically in relation to the future planned high school near the project — along with community comments over the addition of more housing were the reasons given for the rejection.

Now, the city is asking the public for input on a new plan.

“The city council decided on a community process for the SCS property, because of its long history of attempts to develop the property without finding a way to reach consensus,” said Mayor Melissa Hernandez in an email to The Independent. “It is our hope that the outside facilitators’ work with the community would result in gaining some level of consensus over the best land-use plan for the area. We created some parameters for the facilitation to ensure that the plan that would be developed with the feasibility of future development in mind. We look forward to seeing the work of the facilitator and the community by the end of the year. “

This first meeting will cover background research on the site and involve an interactive brainstorming session. Topics to be discussed will include possible land use, such as retail, office and housing, including affordable housing options; pedestrian walkways and bike paths; and the possible development of a public plaza as a way to bring the community together for local events.

Following the public forum, city staff will take information from the first meeting and develop three option plans to present to the community and city council for feedback and discussion. ELS Architecture & Urban Design and its supporting consultant team will also work with the community, property owner and other stakeholders to identify viable land uses and development options for the property.

Drawing from the feedback from the initial concepts, staff will then narrow the options for the site from three to one. Presentations will then be scheduled for the general public, after which, the final plan will be presented to the city council for approval.

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