For residents who wish to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, Dublin parks remain open. However, the City of Dublin will be closing all playgrounds until further notice in order to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

Additionally, all water fountains will be shut off in city parks. Signs will also be going up at the dog parks to remind visitors of social distancing.

City staff asks residents to follow this advice:

• Take short walks close to home; if you can, avoid driving to parks and recreational areas.

• Public parks are to be used for walking, running or exercising by oneself; don’t play contact sports.

• Avoid congregating in parking lots, picnic areas, or other areas with frequently-touched surfaces.

• Playgrounds are now closed. Benches, picnic tables and other outdoor surfaces are not sanitized.

• Consider bringing your own drinking water, soap, or hand sanitizer.

• Limit your time at public parks and recreational areas and practice social distancing.