Swalwell & Khanna

Congressman Eric Swalwell and Congressman Ro Khanna hosted a virtual town hall with Fremont Fire Chief Curtis Jacobson and Cal Fire Unit Chief Jake Hess on Wednesday, Aug. 26, to discuss the status of the recent fire response in their districts.

During the event, which came as a part of an ongoing, weekly series of virtual town hall meetings, Khanna and Swalwell touched on several key parts of the effort to get or keep the fires in the area under control, including the footprint of the fire.

“We're already starting to talk about what the long-term, fire-suppression repair is going to look like, because we're going to have to ramp up for those things,” said Hess. “I can't reiterate the success of the mutual aid system in Alameda County, Contra Costa County and Santa Clara County, where everybody worked cooperatively together. This fire is an example of a mega fire, so right now, we're the second-largest fire in the history of California.”

As of Aug. 26, Cal Fire officials feel as though they are starting to turn the corner on getting a handle on the spread of the fires.

“The cooperation associated with a fire of this magnitude is absolutely instrumental in our good relationships with our private and public partner and law enforcement officers,” said Hess. “This fire has grown into seven counties now, and it's grown into this huge complex incident. I want to reiterate that we're not out of the woods on this – I've been messaging that this is considered a marathon. I look at (this fire) as a huge puzzle, and every day, we get into a rhythm here with the teams to reach out to the constituents and all of the communities that are affected. We really encourage anybody who would be considered a stakeholder to reach out to us here at the fairgrounds, so we can get them plugged in.”

For more information or to watch the meeting, visit https://bit.ly/2D7hMin.