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DUBLIN — The city council has extended the terms of its funding agreement with the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) for the Iron Horse Trail Bridge at Dublin Boulevard Project.  

Citing unexpected delays on the Scarlett Drive extension project — which is being designed and constructed as part of the boulevard development project — the new deadline dates are Dec. 31, 2021, for the first agreement. The first agreement includes the preliminary engineering, environmental and design phases. Phase two is the construction portion of the project and has a closing date of Dec. 31, 2024.  

The project received two grants from the ACTC; the first for $1.3 million in Measure BB funds, and the second for $5.6 million from Measure BB and the Transportation Fund for Clean Air. None of the monetary agreements will change. 

In addition to extending the expiration dates, the amended agreements also incorporate minor changes that update the agreements to match ACTC’s current agreement format and administrative requirements.

“The agreement revisions are minor in nature and do not have a material impact to the funding obligation or the administration of the agreements,” wrote City Manager Linda Smith in the staff report.    

The five-year capital improvement project will include a pedestrian and bicycle bridge with  support foundations and graduated ramps connecting to the existing trail on the north and south sides of Dublin Boulevard at the intersection of  Scarlett Drive. The bridge ramps will also connect to Don Biddle Community Park, which is  located on the north side of Dublin Boulevard adjacent to the Iron Horse Trail.  

The free-span bridge will be approximately 230 feet in length and provide a minimum of 17 feet of vertical  clearance from the Dublin Boulevard road surface. The entire length of the project, including  landings north and south of Dublin Boulevard, as well as the bridge span itself, is approximately 1,200 feet.  

According to the staff report, the project will provide a safer and easier crossing for trail users and facilitate improved traffic  flow along Dublin Boulevard by providing a grade-separated bridge crossing over Dublin  Boulevard for pedestrians, bicyclists and BART commuters. The terminus of the southeasterly  side of the bridge crossing will lead directly to the Dublin-Pleasanton BART Station.   

The project design is 95% complete. Construction is expected to begin later this year following the relocation of a petroleum pipeline that conflicts with  the Scarlett Road improvements and one of the bridge footings for the project.  

Other funding sources for the project include Measure B and BB Local Streets & Roads and Bike & Pedestrian Funds; Road Maintenance & Rehabilitation Act (SB-1); State Gas Tax; Transportation for Clean Air grant; Measure RR Safe Routes to BART (SR2B); and the Dublin Crossing Fund. There is no impact to the General Fund.

For more information, visit www.dublin.ca.gov.