A cherished event has returned to Pleasanton, despite COVID-19 closures.

Deemed an essential service, the city’s farmers market opened Saturday, May 9, though the event looked much different than last season. With booths farther apart and customers and vendors wearing masks, the only items for sale were produce and flowers.

Michael Peterson, Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association's marketing manager, shared that the city worked with vendors to come to an agreement on different restrictions for spacing and social distancing.

"The orientation is different, which is the main thing that’s throwing people off,” Petersen said. “But the social distancing causes changes to the market and the environment, but people are adjusting well to it. I think (the market is) doing well.”

One shopper, Marcia Breazeale of Pleasanton, said she missed the rotisserie chicken, fresh popcorn, baked goods and jam, but was happy to purchase her spring vegetables.

“I think it’s going to get better as it goes along, but I'm happy with it,” she said. “I think people are generally being polite and trying to stay their distance."