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DUBLIN — The affordable housing train is poised to make another stop in Dublin.

In a unanimous vote, Tuesday, Aug. 10, the planning commission approved a site development review permit for the Amador Station residential project on Golden Gate Drive.

The proposed project will be developed by BRIDGE Housing, and sits on 3.6 acres adjacent to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station. The 300 affordable housing units will be developed in two separate buildings. The five-story buildings will be constructed in two phases, including 136 units and 164 units. They will include ground floor retail, amenity space, parking, improvements to existing landscaping and completion of the BART Plaza.

“We have a lot of people who can't afford to live here, and there is a great need for affordable housing here,” said Commissioner Steven Wright. “This offers people a little, little bit of hope … I am excited about the project.”

The first 136 units will be available to very low-, low-, and moderate-income households earning an average of no greater than 43% of the area median income. Of these 136 units, 41 units will be made available for homeless individuals, as well as residents with special needs. The 41 units will come with appliances, furniture and basic kitchenware necessities. The remaining 164 units will be 100% affordable to moderate-income households.

The architectural design of the buildings is contemporary, interspersed with various textures, including masonry veneer, stucco, glass and metal screens, along with railings and awnings. Each building’s facade will include the use of grouped windows and varying window patterns. A variety of colors will also be incorporated throughout the buildings.

Amador Station will share a private access street, called Entry Drive, with the existing Connelly Station community. The drive will also connect to Golden Gate Drive and St. Patrick Way. One lane of the drive will connect to Entry Drive and provide access to both parking garages. Another lane south of the parking garage will serve as a pedestrian open space and access for emergency vehicles.

The first phase of the project will be paid for with $7.1 million from the city’s affordable housing fund and a $2.9 million commitment from Alameda County Measure A-1 funds.

Amador Station is located in the transit-oriented district of the Downtown Dublin Specific Plan (DDSP) and fits into the city’s vision for melding Dublin into a more urban, transit-oriented community, where residents can benefit from using BART and other transit modes, while benefiting from myriad opportunities to shop, dine and work locally.

“This project brings a much-needed public transit orientation to Dublin,” said resident Richard Lee during public comment. “I am a Dublin resident, and I don’t own a car, and I use BART multiple times a week … I am very excited about this project and want to voice my full support for it.”

According to Brad Wiblin, BRIDGE Housing executive, the project could be completed fairly quickly.

“If the planets align, ideally (this will happen) within a year and a half to two years,” said Wiblin. “The future looks pretty good right now.”

For more information, visit www.dublin.ca.gov.