The Dublin City Council approved a Nissan dealership on commercial property next to the new Kaiser Medical Offices complex on Dublin Boulevard near Fallon Road. The dealer has been doing business in Dublin since 2002. The approval will make it possible for the dealership to remain in Dublin, instead of moving elsewhere. The council voted 4-0 in support of the development, with Councilmember Jean Josey abstaining. Josey said that she received a campaign contribution from the applicant. Vice-mayor Melissa Hernandez commented, “Dealerships are very important to Dublin, and they are choosing to be here in Dublin.” The dealership could provide 359 parking spaces, although only 118 are required. The extra space will be used as display and storage area. A bike and pedestrian path will be located nearby, as well as a water reservoir feature. The planning commission approved the rezoning and design 4-0, with one abstention, on March 26.

Dublin to End Recycling Holdout

On another item, the council asked staff to return with a draft ordinance that would cause the city to join the Alameda County Solid Waste Management Authority by requiring Dublin customers to comply with the state’s mandatory waste recycling ordinance. Dublin stands as the last city in Alameda County to join the effort., the alternate name for the Waste Management Authority, adopted the state’s mandatory recycling ordinance in 2012. In Phase 1, customers who generated four or more yards of garbage, or garbage from five or more residential units, were required to implement recycling. In 2013, Phase 2 began. Businesses were required to subscribe to the service. Apartments needed to recycle organic materials. Dublin chose to opt out, as was permitted. City Manager Chris Foss told the council staff estimated that joining at that time would boost collection rates in Dublin by 50%, which would treat businesses unfairly. However, over the intervening years, so many Dublin businesses joined on their own that the overall impact to the city now will be a 5% increase, said Foss. Foss said that a pending bill, AB 1383, sets Jan. 1, 2022 as the deadline to require everyone to comply. AB 1383 has a goal of reducing methane and other garbage landfill outgassing that contributes to greenhouse gases.