Volunteers help by doing community projects on Dublin Pride Week. (Photo - Doug Jorgensen)

Dublin Pride Week, the City of Dublin’s annual week-long series of events, which promotes volunteerism and environmental awareness, will be held Saturday, April 27 through Sunday, May 5. The theme of this year’s Dublin Pride Week, “Dublin Makes a Difference,” seeks to demonstrate ways in which individuals or groups can improve the community and the world through even the smallest of positive acts. New this year is a Nature Photography Contest and a Lawn-to-Garden Party, where residents can learn how to convert a lawn into a garden.

Volunteers are needed to assist with multiple service projects planned for Volunteer Day on Saturday, April 27. In 2018, hundreds of volunteers assisted on projects throughout the community, ranging from helping seniors with household maintenance and yard work, to school and park beautification projects. Additionally, residents donated much-needed food to local food banks.

The program encourages youth participation and hosts an annual poster and essay contest to engage youth in the event.