Claire Song, a sophomore-to-be at Dublin High School, recently gave a virtual presentation on the coronavirus and herd immunity at the annual Global Health Leaders Conference sponsored by Johns Hopkins University.

Siam Rezwan, the student chair of this year’s conference, said Song was “one of the only students from California” invited to participate in the program.” In a letter to Dublin High School Principal Maureen Byrne, Rezwan thanked the school and the Dublin community “for nurturing future leaders in global health and medicine.”

[O]ur conference board members in addition to the students in our program were deeply inspired by her character, knowledge, and passion,” Rezwan said.

The annual conference featured researchers, physicians, policy developers, and professors, as well as “exceptional students from across the U.S. and Canada that are budding leaders in the fields of global health, public health, and medicine.”

Song is enrolled in the Biomedical Academy program at Dublin High School. To view her presentation, go to