Three property owners will be encouraged to develop their land into much-needed affordable housing, Dublin City Manager Linda Smith told the council at its Feb. 4 meeting.

City staff already is working with a developer on a downtown site at 6541-6543 Regional St., Smith said. The developer’s community development agreement says the city will get title when a building permit is issued, but the city would like to get control of the site earlier, because the negotiating process for building a large multi-unit development can take several months.

Obtaining control earlier would help the project qualify for certain funds before a deadline passes, she said.

The second site is a one-acre parcel next to a future parking garage at the East Dublin BART station. It would be administered by the county Surplus Property Authority.

Dublin would like to buy the land if the county supervisors gave the city a good price. “I don’t want to put our negotiating strategy out there, but we are looking for a nice price,” Smith said. City staff have already discussed the matter with Supervisor Scott Haggerty.

The third location is on Arnold Road, near Santa Rita Jail. The developer is willing to work on a companion project that would be complementary to its senior housing project. “We’re still trying to refine how that would work,” Smith said.

The city also wants to draw up a document to solicit offers from non-profits to build housing in Dublin. They might have ideas that have not occurred to city staff. “It’s not something we have traditionally done, but it is done this way in many jurisdictions,” Smith said.