The Dublin Unified School District (DUSD), which serves over 12,900 students from preschool through adult education in a diverse suburban environment, is honoring a diverse group of nearly 70 staff members - some for their years of service and others as they retire.

The group represents classified and certificated employees working in a wide range of positions, including information services, special education assistant, teacher and counselor, to name a few.

“Working in education takes a special breed of person, one who places others before themselves,” said Daniel Moirao, DUSD acting superintendent. “The work is not always glamorous, but the rewards of contributing to the future of a young person, and therefore to our community and the world, is incalculable. No field offers the emotional and spiritual gratification of education. If you are a classified or certificated employee, you know you’ve made a difference. In a world where the average stay at a job is less than five years, it is always uplifting to see the number of people who have made a long-term commitment to public education. Today, we salute you, and those that have earned their way into a well-deserved retirement. Dublin, and the world, thank you.”

Staff retiring at the end of the 2019 to 2020 school year include Liana deWit-Smith (Library Media Technician/Fallon), Sheila Buckley (Special Education/Dougherty), Mark McCoy (Human Resources/DO), Martin Garcia (Custodian/M&O), Lori Van Dorn (Teacher/Dougherty), Kerstin Taugher (Teacher/Amador), Fran Natale (Teacher/Green), Caroline Rubio (Counselor/DHS), Lotus Lee (Secretary III/Amador), Hourik Lonergan (Special Education/DHS), Lisa Caldira (Facilities Technician/Facilities), Amy VanEmmerik (Special Education/DHS), Janet Kaehms (Teacher/DHS), Cathleen "Sam" Shiell (Teacher/Dublin) and Mark Pignolet (Teacher/DHS).

Staff celebrating 30 years of service is Tracey Crisologo (Murray).

Staff celebrating 25 years of service include Monica McLeod (Dublin), Melinda Collins (Murray), Elizabeth Logan (Dublin), Frances Natale (Green), Andrea Bloom (Wells) and Joanne Palia (Green).

Staff celebrating 20 years of service include Guy Rose Sr. (M&O), Rebecca Briggs (DHS), Robert Herdman (Wells), Valerie Jacob-Bohart (DHS), Jennifer Keller (DHS), Jeffrey Taylor (DHS), Gina Hillier (Green), Anne Stevens (Business Services), Dayna Tutino (Green), Jennifer Porter (Murray), Virginia Wolfenberger (DHS), Nola Ting (Dougherty), Ralph Rivera (Maintenance & Operations), Christine Immesoete (Education Services), Shobha Tejwani (Education Services), Andrea Ramirez (Education Services), Kerstin Taugher (Amador), Kimberly Vanner (Education Services), Danee Mitchell (Green) and Lorrin Harris (Cottonwood).

Staff celebrating 15 years of service include Bill Branca (Education Services), Marthajean Klein (Dublin El), Lisa Alvarez (Murray), Tricia Townsley (Green), Kelly Tofanelli (Green), Candace Whites (Kolb), Eric Burkholder (Special Education), Melissa Bowen (Dublin El), Catherine Brown (Frederiksen), Christopher Branson (Fallon), Melissa Chicconi (Dublin El), Joy Chien (Fallon), Shannon Crossman (Green), Carley Markolf (Green), Melissa Urizar (Wells), Lenni Velez (DHS), Melissa LeGuluche (HR), Jennifer Verstrepen (Wells), Natalie Young (Cottonwood), Eric Hamilton (Special Education), Marjeneh Khandel (Dublin El), Michele Chandler (Dublin El), Jeffrey Hessler (M&O), Sean Adams (Dublin El), Derek Rosas (DHS), Rebecca Thompson (Frederiksen), Teresa Meza (Fallon), Keoki Yee (IT), Catherine Cramer (Wells), Monique Thompson (Dublin El), Jemery Mullen (Fallon) and Kelly Zummo (Fallon).