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Plans for Pleasanton’s new skatepark and all-abilities playground got some recent input from the public.

During August’s Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, residents offered their thoughts on the design for the Ken Mercer Skatepark.

“I'd like to emphasize the importance of lights at the skatepark,” said Andrew Lambert, a local skater who spoke during public comment. “The Pleasanton Police Department has already endorsed the lights from a crime and safety standpoint ... I believe we should respect their (advice) and keep them on as long as we can to ensure constant 24/7 safety.”

The skatepark, bounded by Hopyard Road, Parkside Drive and the Birdland neighborhood, aims to accommodate skaters of all levels. Community input included lighting fixtures, Wi-Fi, walking paths and a drop-off area.

Leaders of the project provided a couple of skatepark designs for the area that had varying options of shades, seating and skate structures.

“I want to emphasize how important this skate park is for countless children within Pleasanton,” Lambert continued. “Their voice might be small, but the numbers of Pleasanton youth that support this are outstanding.”

Following the skatepark design conversation, the commission presented concepts for the all-abilities playground, which will also be located at the Ken Mercer Sports Park. Plans for the area include eating areas, walking paths and a playground. The large play area will be split into different sections, each with a theme or specific kind of play area. One area might have swings while another will feature a stage or have a musical theme.

Gina Chavez, the park’s project manager, said the residents of Pleasanton value diversity, preserving trees and creating a safe, inclusive environment.

“A couple of other snapshots from that same survey showing the favorite play features, (also shows) people really like swings, slides, climbers, treehouses, and even water play,” Chavez added.

For both projects, Pleasanton Parks and Recreation Commission will continue to conduct surveys to help outfit the parks to people’s wants and needs.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about replacing some of the Civic Park’s trees and a review of the Library and Recreation Department Quarterly Report.

The report covered the department from April to June of 2021 and highlighted some of the achievements during this time. The Summer Reading Program resulted in a total of 605,808 minutes read and library services counted 611 active readers throughout this time as well. The library also gained 834 new members.

Civic Arts saw a total of 777 participants in their contract classes, and the Pleasanton Aquatics Center saw 404 people participate in swim lessons between May and June. Furthermore, the report showed 188 Pleasanton youth participated in summer camps and that the P-Town Life News Team received 935 newsletter views for their seven released newsletters.

The Parks and Recreation Committee meets the second Thursday of the month and can be joined via Zoom call at Those interested can also sign up for newsletters at