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A parking garage is seen here recently under construction on the old Groth Brothers site at L Street and Railroad Avenue. According to notices from city staff, the Livermore City Council will conduct a public hearing Oct. 26, at 7 p.m., to consider development agreements for downtown projects. According to the staff, Eden Housing will be continued. (Photo - Doug Jorgensen)

OCT. 22 UPDATE: The City of Livermore’s Oct. 26 council meeting agenda, which was published Oct. 21, stated that the Eden Housing Development Agreement item has been removed 

Livermore City Manager Marc Roberts confirmed Monday, Oct. 19, that the Oct. 26 public hearing item to consider a development agreement for Eden Housing will be continued.

Roberts was following up on Vice Mayor Bob Woerner’s statement that the Eden Housing project was unlikely to appear on the agenda. Roberts further noted that, while the title of the item will appear on the agenda, the continuation will be noted underneath.

“The reason (Eden Housing) showed up on the agenda is we had a series of those development agreements that were all batched together, and that was for convenience — there was no regulatory reason that they were (grouped together),” Roberts said. “They all traveled together to the Planning Commission and then were traveling on to the city council to move that forward.”

The batch to which Roberts referred included development agreements with Red Bear Property Management Inc. to construct the Downtown Commercial Project for retail; Quest Science Center to build the Downtown Livermore Science and Society Center Project; and Shakespeare Associates, Inc. to create Downtown Blackbox Theater Project. Those three will be considered during Oct. 26 public hearing.

“The fourth one, the Eden Housing, we’re still doing some work on, so we are continuing that one,” Roberts continued. “They went as a batch in the public hearing notice, which goes out a couple of weeks before the actual item. So that’s why that went in as a public hearing item, even though we are not going to hear that particular item.”

Roberts explained that new notices will be distributed when the council is prepared to hear the development agreement with Eden Housing Inc.

“For Eden Housing in particular, there is not an independent regulatory deadline, so we won’t need to get it done by a particular date,” Roberts continued. He further noted that there are a variety of dates in relation to disposition of the property under redevelopment law and some relating to the grant for the project. “But none of those are impacted by this application on this date.”

The Oct. 26 meeting will be held via Zoom and on YouTube at 7 p.m. To view the city council meeting via YouTube, visit https://www.youtube.com/c/CityofLivermoreCalifornia. Zoom meeting details will be included in the agenda to be released Oct. 20.

A staff report will be available for review in the city council agenda packet on the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 20, which can be found on the City of Livermore website, https://www.cityoflivermore.net. A copy of the agenda can be requested via phone at 925-960-4200. To submit a public comment ahead of time, email cityclerk@cityoflivermore.net.