DUBLIN — The Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) board has approved an additional $115 million to fund the district’s long-planned second high school — the third such increase in as many years.

Funding for Phase 1 of Emerald High School was increased by $115.17 million, bringing the current total for the project to $282.17 million.

The breakdown in funds includes an increase of Measure H funds by $11,250,460 for a total of $170, 050,460; and developer fees by $6,815,000 for a total of $15,015,000. Measure J funding also increased to $97,104,540.

The increase was presented and approved during the board’s regular meeting on Aug. 24, when Superintendent Chris Funk outlined a checklist of district priorities.

“The hope is that we take the approach that we may not be able to get every single priority done, but that each priority gets something done,” said Funk during the meeting. “We want to make sure we complete phase one and two, and so tonight we are asking for increased funding.”

This marks the third time the district has asked for an increase to get the high school built. In August 2017, the initial budget was $100 million; it later increased to $135 million. In June 2020, the budget increased again to over $166 million.

The second high school will accommodate overflow from Dublin High School.

Public speakers at the meeting expressed support for the completion of the high school, along with frustration at the ongoing delays. Several described the traffic around Dublin High as “horrendous” and “dreadful,” while others beseeched the board to finally make good on their pledges to get Emerald High School built.

“As a DUSD parent, it is beyond disappointing that we are still waiting on the second high school,” said one speaker, who did not provide a name. “It’s been nine years, and we are still without a second high school, and issues with Dublin High are continuing.”

Located on the east side of Dublin, phase one of the project (supported by Measure H) is designed to accommodate 1,300 students. It includes academic towers, a gymnasium, visual and performing arts classrooms, administrative and counseling space, a football field, a track, and tennis courts. Phase two of the project (supported by Measure J) will feature an additional academic tower, theater, aquatic complex and stadium bleachers. When finished, the new high school will accommodate approximately 2,500 students. It is possible phase one could be completed by 2023.

For more information, visit www.dublinusd.org.