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Competing at the junior varsity level, Romal Mitr, a sophomore at The Quarry Lane School in Dublin, finished third in two IAC National Championship examinations – the National Biology Exam and the National Ecology and Environmental Science Exam.

International Academic Competitions USA sponsors 11 national exam competitions encompassing the sciences and history for elementary, middle school, and high school students. The 2020 examinations were conducted in December.

The National Ecology and Environmental Science Exam covered topics ranging from ecosystems, conservation biology, climate change, food webs, biogeochemistry, environmental degradation, biogeography, and human ecology.

The National Biology Exam covered all aspects of a standard high school biology curriculum, including molecular and cellular biology, ecology, anatomy, taxonomy, evolution, and genetics.

“We are incredibly proud of Romal’s achievements on the national stage,” said Candice McGraw, senior director of the private Quarry Lane School in Dublin. “Romal continues to exceed expectations and represent Quarry Lane beautifully. This achievement highlights her tremendous dedication and passion for learning.”

The broader IAC consortium oversees competitions in more than 25 countries.