The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last week honored Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Western Laboratory in Pleasanton for cost and energy-saving programs that reduced taxpayer costs and saved energy and resources.

According to an EPA statement, the two Northern California facilities met the “Federal Green Challenge” that aims to make operations of the federal government more efficient. Recognition under the program has been underway since 2013.

EPA reported that LLNL reduced greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 10.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in the year ending September 2018.

It did this by installing a Level II charging station, which is able to charge electric vehicles twice as fast as a standard Level 1 station, and by replacing gasoline powered vehicles with electric ones.

In Pleasanton, DEA’s Western Laboratory recycled more than 1,450 pounds of mixed building materials in 2018, the EPA reported.

The Western Laboratory also carried out other cost-saving programs, such as recycling batteries and printer toner cartridges and encouraging employees to use public transportation and shuttles whenever possible.

Nationwide, according to the EPA, 334 federal institutions were recognized for improving operational efficiency.

These efforts sent more than 235 tons of end-of-life electronics to third-party certified recyclers, reduced transportation costs by more than $23 million and cut potable water use by about 536 million gallons, the environmental agency said.

They decreased paper purchasing by nearly 2,800 pounds, and diverted an estimated 675,000 tons of waste from landfills.