The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) will meet today, January 17, at 10 am., to determine the fine that the Friends of Livermore Committee 2016 (FOLC 2016) will be assessed for three violations. The suggested amount in a settlement agreement would be $6,000. The maximum penalty is set at $15,000.

The FPPC report states, “Friends of Livermore (the “Committee”) was a city general purpose committee that was formed in 2007 for the purpose of ‘supporting candidates and measures that share the vision of preserving open space and agriculture in the Livermore Valley and improving the quality of life for Livermore.’”

FOLC 2016 was charged with failure to timely file 24-hour independent expenditure reports, timely subvendor payments, and provide sufficient notice to potential major donors. In 2016, the Committee spent $213,998 on the Livermore City Council race, both for and against candidates.

David Rounds, Chair, Friends of Livermore Committee 2018, issued the following statement, “The reporting errors by the Friends of Livermore Committee 2016 were inadvertent. The FPPC staff acknowledged this in the settlement stipulation.

“The campaign finance rules are complicated, especially in regard to independent expenditures. Like most citizen groups, FOLC 2016 used volunteers to fill out and submit the reports. They did an admirable job, but misunderstood the timing of reports for these expenditures.”

Rounds noted, “To address the complicated nature of campaign expenditure reporting, the Friends of Livermore Committee 2018 last year engaged an expert in FPPC rules to help the committee avoid any future issues."