Razi Hasni, fitness entrepreneur and founder of Joya Yoga & Cycle, announced his candidacy for the 2020 Dublin City Council.

“As we continue to battle through and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, Dublin needs strong leadership and creative thinking to heal our local economy, support small businesses, and bring back more jobs,” Hasni said. “With a unique small business owner’s perspective, I am committed to helping Dublin evolve and thrive to become a stronger, healthier and more vibrant city.”

In 1989, Hasni moved from Oman to Texas, where he attended high school and college. In 2004, he relocated to California and settled in Dublin in 2013. Hasni quickly became involved in the business community, operating a real estate franchise before opening a yoga studio in Livermore. Six years later, Joya Yoga & Cycle expanded into a thriving regional operation with studios in six East Bay cities (including two Dublin locations) and additional locations on the way.

“Building Joya Yoga & Cycle has given me a deep understanding of the challenges that small business owners face and an appreciation of the essential contributions that small businesses make to a community’s economic well-being,” Hasni continued. “Successfully navigating the COVID-19 landscape requires strong leadership rooted in creativity, resilience, compassion, practicality and collaboration. I am dedicated to bringing positive change to our community so we can build a better Dublin.”

Hasni outlined his key priorities to be: creating sustainable strategies to support small businesses and bring more jobs to Dublin; ensuring that community members have a strong voice in development activity; ensuring that Dublin's infrastructure keeps pace with development; collaborating with the Dublin Unified School District to ease classroom overcrowding; increasing community outreach by local law enforcement and first responders; and balancing open space preservation with development.

For more information, visit razi4dublin2020.com.