Dublin High School

This August, Girls Math Association (GMA) at Dublin High School will host the 2020 GMA Math Contest, an online math competition for girls in grades 5 to 8.

The GMA believes participating in competitions at earlier ages will give girls a chance to step out of gender stereotypes and gain more confidence in their STEM skills. The group is dedicated to providing all girls who are interested in mathematics the opportunity to develop their skills through both competition resources and school support.

To improve the current gender ratio in high-tech industries, club members are encouraging more girls to expand their interests in math. By creating a dedicated math environment, they will collaborate, develop and improve together.

“I’ve been involved in computer science since I was young, and it is very obvious there is a gender gap in that field,” said Grace Liu, a club member who is helping craft problems for the competition. “It is really important to encourage girls to explore their interest in math and other STEM fields when they are young, so that they are ready to participate when they get to high school and college.”

According to their website at girlsmathassociation.weebly.com, the GMA is a 100% student-run club that aims to provide support to girls interested in mathematics and STEM. The club strives to create an environment where girls can their interests in mathematics through a variety of resources including competitions, tutoring, and interactive activities. Since mathematics is intricately connected to science and engineering, it is critical for those who plan to pursue a STEM career path to have a sufficient background.

“I saw the flier for this competition, and I was very excited to test my math skills and gain more knowledge,” said contest participant Tanmayi Parepalli, a fifth-grader at Amador Elementary School in Dublin. “It’s nice to have this for girls, because lots of girls my age don’t really like math. This will be a good way for them to see that it’s fun. I love math and coding.”

The contest period begins on Aug. 1 and ends on Aug. 3, at 11:59 p.m. This will give the students the flexibility to choose when they will take the exam. The exam will be timed at 50 minutes and contains 30 multiple-choice, intensive math problems, covering algebra, geometry, number theory, counting and probability. Top scorers of the exam in the grades 5 to 6 category and the grades 7 to 8 category will be given monetary awards as prizes.

To register or for more information about the Girls Math Association or the 2020 GMA Math Contest, visit girlsmathassociation.weebly.com.