City of Livermore

Livermore’s Historic Preservation Commission will hold a special meeting this week, July 9, for public hearings relating to an historic remodel and land-use regulations.

One hearing will consider a Certificate of Appropriateness to allow a remodel and 5,153-square-foot expansion of an existing congregation building on the St. Charles Borromeo Church campus. Since the structure is over 50 years old, modifications to the congregation building require approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness.

The second hearing will consider establishing land-use regulations for the development of a complete transit-oriented neighborhood in the area surrounding the proposed Valley Link station in the median of Interstate 580, east of Isabel Avenue. The plan would allow up to 4,095 new multifamily housing units and approximately 2.1 million square-feet of net new nonresidential uses. The plan also includes three new neighborhood parks, multiuse trails, and pedestrian and bike facilities.

The Historic Preservation Commission will provide advisory comments on the plan’s impacts to potential historic resources, including but not limited to, the Gandolfo Ranch described below, and any plan policies related to historic resource preservation.

The meeting will take place virtually at 7 p.m., via Zoom: Zoom dial in phone number: 669-900-9128;

Meeting ID: 896 2024 7859