In June, 2015, the city cuncil directed staff (and the East Pleasanton Task Force) to stop work on the East Pleasanton Specific Plan.

The approximately 1,000-acre Plan Area is located generally east of Valley Avenue and Busch Road and north of Stanley Boulevard.

The decision by the council to stop all work on the plan and environmental documentation was based on concern about the ongoing drought, traffic impacts, school capacity, and appropriately metering growth in the City. Any future decision to restart the East Pleasanton Specific Plan process would happen as part of a regular city council priority setting session.

While the city has not been actively proceeding, a plan based on the last proposal generated by the city has been created. It includes a layout for the entire property, along with a phased development plan. The group will be taking its plan to the city council to ask it to place the East Pleasanton Specific Plan on its priority action list for the coming year.

The eastside planning began in 2012 with the appointment of a task force. Last August, the task force removed all multi-family housing and reduced the potential number of units in the preferred plan from 1759 to 1300.

At one point, the council had voted to place the matter on the November 2015 ballot. However, the council rescinded its decision to hold an advisory vote based on a staff report listing a cost of between $494,844 to $618,555 for the special election.

Issues raised over the past several years would be part of the priority setting discussion. Among them would be the need to move the urban growth boundary to accommodate growth. In addition, it was pointed out that the city does not need to zone the area for housing. It currently has enough land to meet its regional housing needs assessment (RHNA) numbers through 2022.