Citizens for a Livermore Central Park has announced that the committee has found a Livermore campaign office that will open this week. The group is preparing to gather signatures on the initiative petition to create a new plan for the center of downtown Livermore. An initiative was filed with the City of Livermore last Wednesday. The City Attorney is required by law to prepare a title and summary by June 6th.

Signature gathering will start after the title and summary are issued. Individuals must be registered to vote in the City of Livermore in order to sign the initiative petition. Once the campaign office is opened, the committee plans to ask volunteers to help provide information to the public.

Bill Dunlop, chair of the committee stated, “We are looking forward to opening an office and circulating the initiative petition so that the community will have an opportunity to learn about the Central Park Plan and how it benefits our downtown.”

He continued, “Because the hotel is located on the west side of Livermore Avenue, the Central Park Plan offers more parking than we have now near Livermore Avenue, the entertainment center of the community. The city’s plan provides far less.

"The Central Park Plan creates a continuous park from the Bankhead Park Plaza to L Street. The portion of the city’s plan that is devoted to an actual park includes only a fraction of the parkland that we are proposing.”

A response from Livermore Mayor John Marchand regarding the initiative can be found in the Livermore Chamber of Commerce story.

Dunlop asked that if citizens want more information about the Livermore Central Park Plan, or wish to volunteer, they should call (925) 243-7098 or email