On July 16, the Livermore Planning Commission unanimously voted to adopt the site plan design for a public multiuse pedestrian/bike bridge on N. Murrieta Blvd., spanning the area from the Union Pacific Railroad tracks to just north of Stanley Blvd.

The bridge, part of the larger Iron Horse Trail project, was authorized by the City Council in 2018. Funded by Alameda County and regional grants, the project will fill a gap in the trail between Isabel Avenue and the already existing segment behind Heritage Estates.

The Iron Horse Trail will eventually connect Livermore with other parts of the region, including Contra Costa County, and will enhance connectivity to other local trails within the network.

The bridge is designed to be a prefabricated 205-foot long by 10-foot wide metal truss with an arch featuring concrete supports, similar to other structures in the city, and will contain the decorative leaf found in the city logo. The project includes four decorative light poles, similar to those downtown, and LED lighting at the base of the pathway for trail users at night.

Commissioner John Stein noted that there was no connection between Heritage Estates and K St., adding that some buildings are situated at the railroad right of way. He asked when the connection will be completed.

Planner Andy Ross said that there is not yet an estimate of when the Iron Horse Trail will be completed. He said that the City Specific Plan includes improving that area as part of the development of those parcels, but there has not been an application to do so yet. Staff is exploring a way to make those connections on an interim basis.

Chairperson Gina Bonanno stated that the bridge makes these areas more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, and more appealing. She said she liked and appreciated the classic look of the design.

Next, the bridge design plan will be presented to the City Council for approval.