The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District Board of Directors made changes in pay schedules and reviewed upcoming budgets at the June 12 meeting.

All votes were unanimous.

The board members approved a change in their compensation. The previous scale was set at $100 per meeting and $75 for attendance at other sessions, such as committee meetings, with a maximum of $500 a month. The new pay will be $100 for attendance at all meetings where board members represent the district. Maximum per month would be $600. The new compensation will add $6,000 a year to the budget.

The board also approved a new schedule for employees. Previously, raises for various positions varied between five steps to eight steps. Now, five steps will be used for all positions, with pay starting at $14 per hour in step one.

The preliminary 2-year operating budget and 3-year capital improvement program (CIP) were reviewed. Jeffrey Schneider, Administrative Services Manager, provided highlights.

The Preliminary Operating Budget for FY19-20 reflects a contribution to reserves of $521,733. Total operating revenues will amount to $23,811,913 or 6% above the prior year.

Property Taxes will grow by 7%, and will reach $11,073,000 for FY19-20, or 47% of the District’s total revenue for the year.

In general, the CIP Preliminary Budget continues to reflect the active Priority A and B projects, as approved in the current year planning process, with one addition. A Transportation Development Act grant funding, administered by the City of Livermore, increases the budget by $600,000. The targeted use by the District will be maintenance at both City-owned and LARPD-owned trails in FY19-20.

Schneider noted that two projects came in under budget this year. The new restrooms/showers as Camp Shelly budgeted at $515,000 came in at $450,000. The aquatic center updates came in at $2 million, with the budget showing $2.3 million.