The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District is considering improving access to its meetings.

Staff was directed by the Board of Directors to prepare an option that includes video on demand, as well as a way to select individual items to view, known as chaptering.

LARPD currently contracts services with Tri-Valley Community Television to record and broadcast certain meetings, typically regular Board of Directors meetings. The meetings are delay broadcasted on Comcast, AT&T, and U-verse at specific times, and are repeated a minimum of six times before the next meeting.

Options offered to the board include the following: Reduce level of service to meeting minutes only, no audio or video recording. Reduce level of service to audio only. No change in level of service, maintain current services with Tri-Valley Community Television. Increase level of service with Tri-Valley Community Television and provide video-on-demand services with chaptering. Use a different provider, other than Tri-Valley Community Television, to record meetings and video stream.

Director Maryalice Faltings said reducing access would be a step backward. She would keep the current level with adding to it an option.

Director Beth Wilson spoke in favor of audio only. However, she added that she would support the board in its desire to add video on demand and chaptering.

Staff will bring back the cost and a potential contract with Community Television at a future meeting.