It was a good year for the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District, with many projects completed.

General Manager Mat Fuzie and staff presented its list of accomplishments at the Jan. 8 Board of Directors meeting. The Board unanimously voted to accept all the capital outlay projects discussed as completed.

Last month’s completion of Arroyo Del Valle Trail Bridge would allow thousands of walkers, runners, and bikers access to trails linking five parks extending from Del Valle Park in Livermore to Mission Peak in Fremont, Fuzie said.

An ambitious park update program brought a team together that rethought how playgrounds should be constructed. This resulted in Big Trees, Jane Addams, Pleasure Island and May Nissen Playgrounds all being renovated with safe and imaginative equipment for play, new restrooms, and plenty of shaded areas within the playgrounds.

A new playground was built at Altamont Creek Park, which previously didn’t have one. Robertson Park was given synthetic turf. Max Baer Park, where ESPN televises every game of the yearly Little League World Series, received new lighting.