Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory last week named Linton Brooks, former administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, winner of the John S. Foster medal.

NNSA, the national security arm of the U.S. Department of Energy, supports U.S. nuclear weapons programs, including much of the work at Lawrence Livermore and Sandia national laboratories.

Brooks is the sixth winner of the medal, which is awarded annually.

It honors LLNL’s legendary fourth director, “Johnny” Foster, a physicist whose technical innovations in the 1950s helped shrink U.S. nuclear weapons to a size and weight that could be carried by submarines and create a virtually invulnerable deterrent.

Foster himself, now in his 90s, was the first recipient of the namesake medal in 2015.

The medal recognizes “exceptional leadership in science, technology and engineering or policy formulation in support of U.S. nuclear security.”

Brooks led the NNSA from 2002 to 2007, serving also as DOE’s undersecretary for nuclear security.

Over a period of decades, he has held many senior leadership positions related to nuclear security. Among the most prestigious were leading the U.S. delegation on Nuclear and Space Talks and serving as chief negotiator, with the Senate-confirmed rank of ambassador, in Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty discussions,

Since leaving NNSA in 2007, Brooks has been active as an independent national security consultant, participating in international discussions, serving on federal advisory panels, advising the national laboratories and mentoring the next generation of nuclear policy analysts.