A team of 8th graders hailing from three different Livermore schools are preparing for the First Lego Robotics competition being held at Quarry Lane School in Dublin this weekend.

During the competition, the team, known as the Liverbots, will be judged on their robotics skills, on the professionalism of their teamwork and on a research project presentation. The theme for this year’s competition, “City Shaper,” has inspired the Liverbots to investigate the second phase of their hometown’s plans for downtown redevelopment for their research project.

They have been hard at work over the past several weeks researching the history of the project, reading various planning documents, collecting data, interviewing many different stakeholders, including city officials, Central Park Plan supporters and various experts.

“It has been really amazing to learn about how much work goes into such a project. Everyone we spoke with was so helpful too,” said William Arnold, who attends King’s Classical Academy. They also carried out a random survey of Livermore citizens to test some of their findings. Jacob Shin, who attends Our Savior Lutheran School, found it “very interesting to talk to the Livermore citizens about redevelopment – the changes are certain to have a big impact on our downtown.”

A summary of their work will be presented to a panel of judges during the Nov. 10 tournament and details are available on the team’s website, www.liverbots.org. Jay Krishnan and Haimish McKinnon, the other half of the Liverbots team, attend Valley Montessori School. If the Liverbots advance this weekend, they will compete in the January 2020 Championship Tournament in Mountain House.