Livermore Police Department

A police special weapons team arrested a suspect Thursday, May 27, in Livermore in an action that sparked some false rumors on social media.

The action began when officers sought to serve an arrest warrant on a “known felon in possession of a firearm,” Livermore police Officer Taylor Burruss said.

Burruss did not disclose the location.

“Due to the dangers associated with apprehending an armed subject, we utilized our special enforcement team to apprehend the individual,” Burruss said. “Upon seeing the police, the subject fled on foot.”

Officers, with the assistance of an Alameda County sheriff’s helicopter, quickly found and arrested the suspect.

Although several people on social media correctly said they saw officers with guns drawn and a helicopter circling over the city, some said they heard gunshots and said the commotion was related to a robbery.

“At no point were firearms discharged during this operation,” Burruss said. “This operation was not related to a robbery of any type. This operation was a pre-planned event for a known felon in possession of a firearm.”