City of LIvermore

The Livermore City Council met with City Manager Marc Roberts and City Attorney Jason Alcala behind closed doors Monday night to issue job performance evaluations, emerging after two hours to announce there was nothing to report to the public.

The fact no action was taken meant two things: Roberts and Alcala kept their jobs and received no immediate changes in their contracts, such as pay raises or extensions.

An announcement on contract adjustments, if any, would be announced in a public session should anything change in the coming weeks.

Last year, when the men underwent the same private procedure, each emerged with raises.

At the time, Roberts signed a five-year contract to continue in the position he has held since 2012, earning a base annual pay of $282,547 a year, a 5.65% increase, or about $16,000. Alcala, who signed an indefinite contract, received a 5.6% raise, a $15,000 increase to $263,000 a year.

Roberts also received a $500-per-month car allowance, deferred compensation and retiree health care benefits. Alcala received a $400-per-month car allowance, along with deferred compensation and retiree health care benefits.

Last year, Marchand reported that both men had done a remarkable job. According to the California State Controller’s office, Roberts earned $289,801 in total wages in 2019, along with $101,685 in retirement and health care contributions. Alcala earned $280,897 in total wages, plus $108,199 in health care and retirement contributions.

Roberts has worked for the city for more than three decades, serving as the community development director before his appointment to the city’s top job.

Before becoming city manager, Roberts served as project manager for the development of the South Livermore Valley Specific Plan and worked as program manager for the city’s Permit Streamlining program that resulted in the city’s One-Stop Permit Center in 1997, according to a biography on the city’s website. He also wrote the Downtown Specific Program to transform the city’s downtown area.

Alcala has worked as an attorney for the city since 2004. He was appointed city attorney in 2014.