LOGO - Alameda County Seal

Alameda County planners are soliciting public input on a green energy developer’s application to construct a sprawling solar farm and battery power storage facility on 580 acres of mostly grazing land about 2 miles north of Livermore.

The ambitious proposal, known as the Aramis Solar Energy Generation and Storage Project, along with the content of a pending environmental review, will be considered during a public hearing this week, Thursday, May 28, at 1:30 p.m., during a virtual meeting of the East County Board of Zoning Adjustments.

The project is spread across four privately owned parcels of farmland west of North Livermore Avenue at May School Road. A portion extends north of Manning Road and east of North Livermore Avenue. The combined properties cover 780 acres, with a total project development covering about 580 acres, according to the county.

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To attend the meeting virtually, find the guidelines at https://bit.ly/Indy_PublicHearing.