An account to reimburse health costs for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) retirees has been established following settlement of a health care lawsuit against the University of California. The account, called a health reimbursement arrangement, or HRA, is available to surviving members of the lawsuit class through the end of 2040, or until 1,000 survivors remain, according to provisions of the settlement.

The LLNL retirees sued in 2010 after a contract change denied them access to UC health care benefits.  The roughly 9,000 class members did not succeed in returning to UC health programs, but an $84.5 million settlement reached in late 2019 gave them significant benefits including the HRA. 

The 2021 HRA benefit will be $598 for class members who use Via Benefits and $606 for those with Kaiser Senior Advantage, according to an announcement from the settlement.  Those amounts will vary in future years depending on several factors including investment returns.

Reimbursement for eligible 2021 expenses is retroactive to January 1.  Eligibility will be determined by IRS regulations.

Class members must sign up for the HRA to receive benefits, according to the settlement announcement.  Settlement administrator Archer Systems has sent texts and emails to tell class members how to proceed and has put information on its website at llnlretireesettlement.com.