Big Bay Ray.png

During the recent Summer Arts Camps at the Bothwell Arts Center, students of artist and art instructor, Thomasin Dewhurst, worked together to create a mural for the horse rescue organization Big Bay Ray.

A 30-hour project, students worked tirelessly on the portable canvas, which is over 12 feet tall. It will be displayed at various places, including Artwalk Lite on Oct. 10, as a banner for Big Bay Ray's philanthropic mission.

“We want to say a special ‘thank you’ to everyone at Bothwell Arts Center who painted a beautiful mural for our organization,” said Gretchen Kyle of Big Bay Ray. “As a nonprofit organization, we thrive because of our volunteers. Art instructor Thomasin and her young students worked many hours on the artwork. These young artists are bettering their skills and at the same time supporting their communities.

“Big Bay Ray supports horse rescues in memory of Ray Ray (Big Bay Ray's first rescue horse). We couldn’t have done it without your hard work and dedication. Please know that your work is helping to save horses! We invite you to come to the Artwalk in Livermore in October 2020 and see this lovely artwork. Come and meet Big Bay Ray and a few of the artists that made it.”