City of LIvermore

Earlier this month, the Livermore Public Library Board of Trustees received an update on library services.

A number of topics were covered, including library operations during the pandemic; a large donation received for the digital library; and library equity, diversity and inclusion efforts.

“It is always important to provide the Library Board of Trustees with information about our library services and to get their feedback and direction,” said Tamera LaBeau, library services director. “This has been especially important during the pandemic since the pandemic has necessitated so many changes to our library services.”

LeBeau discussed teen programs held via Zoom, a Lego challenge run through Facebook, and the Grab-and-Go science and craft kits available through curbside pickup. She also showed the board a series of slides depicting the interior of the Civic Center Library on South Livermore Avenue, where furniture had been rearranged and – in some cases – removed since the library opened briefly in November for patrons to visit. The changes were made to allow more space for social distancing and discourage patrons from gathering on couches, chairs and other furniture.

“The slides and discussion around furniture removal and other safety measures were presented to inform the Board about the preparations that were made to safely open the library,” said LeBeau. “On Nov. 18, the city closed all of its buildings, including the Civic Center Library, for indoor services due to rising COVID-19 case rates. However, the changes that I presented at the meeting will remain in place so that we can safely reopen the library once the situation with new COVID-19 cases has improved significantly.”

During the meeting, the board also discussed its annual update to the city council. Board chair Art Pontau is scheduled to present the update at the Jan. 11 City Council Meeting. Pontau and the other board members also expressed gratitude for a donation made to the digital library.

“The family of Yu-Li Pan recently made a very generous donation of just over $106,000 in his memory,” LeBeau said. “This funding will be used to provide additional online resources in the digital library, including resources to support investment and business research, cultural diversity, and education.”

The digital library is the Livermore Public Library’s online branch, a collection of resources available to library card holders. It includes e-books, downloadable audiobooks, digital magazines, homework resources, consumer guides, online classes and more. The contracts will likely take several months to set up, but the library will send out more information as it becomes available.

Board Trustee Mini Chopra questioned LeBeau about the eighth item on the agenda, library equity, diversity and inclusion efforts. LeBeau explained this topic was the focus of one of the strategic objectives in the library’s strategic services plan, adopted last year. A team has been formed to further this objective, and LeBeau noted the team was currently working on a library staff training program to lay the groundwork for additional projects in the future.

The Civic Center Library is located at 1188 South Livermore Ave., Livermore. For more information, call 925-373-5500 or visit

Curbside pickup is available by appointment at the Civic Center Library from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; and from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. on Saturdays.

For more information on the board, minutes, and agendas, visit or call 925-373-5509.