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At the recent Junior Olympic Meet in Santa Clara, from Dec. 3 to 5, the Livermore Aqua Cowboys (LAC) had 12 athletes in individual events and another 15 relay-only athletes.

LAC finished sixth place out of 110 teams in Pacific swimming in the combined scoring. Gabby Kleman was fourth place in the high point category for 13-year-old girls. Isaiah Silver was fourth place in the high point category for 11-year-old boys. Gabby, Isaiah, and Lillian Jeffries all had seven top 10 finishes out of seven events.

LAC's 10 and under boys’ 200 medley relay and 200 free relays were both third overall at the meet. Cassie Clark, Saveta Holunga, Brian Hsueh, Lillian Jeffries, Eva Kay, Gabby Kleman, Mitchell Kleman, Tyler Ortiz, Isaiah Silver, Mica Szymanski and Zach Tekeuchi all made finals (top 10) in the meet.

LAC had a total of 88% best times at the meet, including several that made LAC's all-time top five list.