Since 1991, the Livermore Valley Educational Foundation (LVEF) has worked to ease the impact of funding cuts on the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD), and their efforts in 2020 are still just as vital.

Run by a local, all-volunteer board of directors dedicated to addressing contemporary funding challenges in Livermore public education, the board members care deeply about finding solutions to the challenges facing the district.

“Since its inception, LVEF has substantially increased its overall support to LVJUSD programs involving the community’s children, teens and teachers,” said William (Bill) Dunlop, a former LVEF president, who has been with the organization for 29 years. “In the last seven years alone, our organization is proud to have awarded over $4 million through direct donations made to LVJUSD, school block grants, Rotary matching grants, scholarships, teachers awards and more.”

In stepping up to help the district deal with the financial costs of the current pandemic, the foundation will host a fundraiser starting on Sept. 1, in conjunction with one of its top supporting organizations.

“The Livermore schools are having a hard time funding the required changes to how lessons will be taught during the next school year and perhaps for a number of years,” said Dunlop. “It is estimated that we will need to provide about $300,000 by the end of this calendar year. One of our yearly sponsors has been STAT-MED, which provides care in Livermore. They have offered to provide $5 for every person that comes to their Livermore office from about Sept. 1 until the end of the year to receive various types of tests or shots for the current virus problem.”

This long-running fundraiser comes as a part of the foundation’s nearly three decades of funding lifelines for Livermore public school programs, including academics, STEM, library and athletics programs through periods of severe fiscal cuts.

“During the 2002 to 2003 fiscal crisis, LVEF stepped in to fund class-size reduction programs to counteract cuts made in primary grade classrooms,” Dunlop said. “LVEF also helped increase computer technology hours at all school sites and retain part-time counselors at our high schools.

We also fund a variety of mini grants, site block grants and excellence-in-teaching awards. Additionally, LVEF partners with the Livermore Valley Rotary Club to match contributions made through annual Rotary mini-grant donations to the Livermore school district.”

More recently, the LVEF helped support the football team and the band.

“The last two big funding efforts were first to provide new helmets for all students participating on the football team,” Dunlop said. “We raised the funds and had the helmets in hand for the start of the last year’s season. Second, one of the high schools wore out their band uniforms, and the parents were unable to raise the funding for new uniforms. LVEF stepped in and raised about three quarters of the funding. The band is going to look great this year.”

As the foundation continues to uphold their mission statement to champion exceptional educational opportunities for all LVJUSD students through the generosity of the community, the board encourages all those interested to support the upcoming fundraiser with a visit to STAT-MED.

For more information on how to participate or to volunteer with the foundation, visit