Michael McCorriston announced this week he will run for a seat on the Dublin City Council in the general election on Nov. 3.

As a longtime Dublin resident with 35 years of experience in corporate treasury and banking, McCorriston plans to focus his efforts on fiscal sustainability and smart development.

“Our city is facing some tough budgetary decisions over the next few years, and the current health crisis has compounded the financial uncertainty to the community,” McCorriston said. “As a council member, I will use my leadership experience in finance to ensure city resources are balanced with sound fiscal strategies and to objectively evaluate initiatives that are truly in the best interest of Dublin.”

McCorriston has extensive experience managing the complex financial resources of large multinational companies. He currently directs the corporate treasury operations of a Fortune 150 technology company in the Bay Area. He has an MBA from the University of San Diego and a Bachelor of Science degree from San Jose State University in business finance.

Another priority for McCorriston will be to focus on Dublin’s growth and development strategy.

“Development efforts must be economically and environmentally sustainable, and, of course, well thought out from an aesthetic perspective,” he continued. “We can preserve our remaining natural landscapes and emphasize open space for the enjoyment of our community with intelligent development planning. As a councilmember, I will encourage redevelopment efforts that partner with developers and local skilled labor to revitalize existing structures to meet Dublin’s residential and commercial demands.”

Adib Nassar, former Dublin city planning commissioner and Dublin Citizen of the Year, has known McCorriston for 25 years and endorses his candidacy.

“Mike has the right mix of business acumen and concern for our community’s future,” Nassar said. “Dublin would surely benefit from his skills and strong work ethic.”

McCorriston also works on commissions and as a volunteer with several housing and human services organizations. He will support initiatives that create more transitional housing and services for seniors and support development efforts that provide for affordable housing.

“Home affordability should be a concern for everyone,” McCorriston said. “Our young families, our teachers, safety providers and our seniors are finding it financially challenging to live in in the Tri-Valley, and Dublin is no exception. The decisions we make today are the legacy for future generations of Dublin families. Let’s work together to maintain Dublin’s unique heritage in the Tri-Valley.”

For more information, visit www.mike4dublin2020.com.